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Desert Heat provides Arizona players a competitive club experience that focuses on mastering lacrosse skills, physical fitness, recruiting and character, all of which we value in the pursuit of trying to get recruited to play lacrosse in college.  


BLACK Team members play at the highest level of competition and focus on the recruiting process to play at the NCAA DI, DII and DIII. Tournament participation is required to be on the BLACK team and moving into fall we will be more strict on the commitments to this team. 

The highest level of commitment, most (if not all) tournament participation is required, practice attendance is required unless it conflicts with another scheduled lacrosse event such as a recruiting camps/clinics, official visit, etc. Rosters are determined (but not limited to) an annual tryout. 


ORANGE + MS 2026 Team(s) focus are to elevate their overall game with aspirations to play NCAA DIII and/or WCLA Club lacrosse.  You must attend at least one tournament. You can join these teams at any point of the year/season. 

Moderate level of commitment, at least one travel tournament participation is required per season; practice attendance is required w/ few exceptions. Rosters are determined by the ability to master set skill. 




  • 2019 TRYOUTS: 
    • May 5th 5-7pm at Eldorado Park. 
  • Players not able to attend tryouts and want to be on the BLACK team still need to fill out tryout registration and select your evaluation to be on the 1st day of practice vs May 5th.  Please communicate with the program Director(s) if you have any issues/questions. (
  • Tryouts and/or evaluations will determine what team you will be on. EVERYONE MAKES A TEAM! ALL PLAYERS WELCOME!
  • It's never to late to join. Post tryouts you will be placed on the Orange team until further evaluation: See Dynamic Rosters.


We accept ANY and ALL players! New players joining DHL during throughout the year -- after tryouts have happened -- will be rostered on the Orange team. ALL players have the opportunity to work hard to be pulled up to BLACK throughout the year. See below under Dynamic Rosters. 


FAQ's about Tryouts

DHL accepts ALL lacrosse players looking to improve their game. The BLACK team is not for everyone. Anyone not interested or not ready to play on the BLACK team will be placed on the Orange or South 2026 team depending on where you live. 

**Can I make the BLACK TEAM later? Yes, you can always work to make the BLACK team later in the season. See notes below under: DYNAMIC ROSTERS.



It is important to us that everyone understands that rosters are NEVER final! If you are not initially listed on the BLACK roster (and are listed on Orange) do NOT worry. We believe in rewarding hard work! If you continue to work hard and progress as a player we can and will move you up during the season and/or event(s)! #strivehigh #workhard #killit 

Conversely, your spot on the BLACK team is NEVER secure!  You have earned it but you need to continue to work hard to keep it!  #nevergiveup #fightuntilthend #yougotit