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Seasonally Dues + Event Dues = What does it cost to play for Desert Heat?



Seasonal dues are paid each season: Summer, Fall and Winter. Season dues covers:

  • Practices: experienced coaching staff, fields, team equipment (i.e. balls, water, paint, etc.)
  • Seasonal team travel shirts: each season ALL players get a team travel shirt that is required to be worn while the team travels together. 
  • New player practice jersey: all new players receive a DHL practice reversible/pinnie to be worn at every practice. 
  • Administration costs:  insurance, website, marketing, etc. 
  • Add-On's within each sesons dues:
    • Player Gear: Practice Packs, Game Uniforms (Required for all HS players), Travel Bags, etc. 

The cost of seasonal dues varies on the season, location and division (HS, MS and/or South) and is based on how many practices are in that season. Season dues can vary from $100-$350. 



Event dues are IN ADDITION to seasonal dues. It is HIGHLY recommended that players attend events and/or tournaments to improve their game, however, we understand that not everyone choose to do so. With that, each event and/or tournament is an additional (base) cost that you will add-on in your SEASONAL DUES REGISTRATION. If you choose to add-on an event at a later date you can do so by that events late registration date. Base cost for event cover the following:

  • Tournament Registration Fee's: each event and/or tournament has a team registration costs/fees that can vary from ~$1200 up to $2600 per team.
  • Coaches: Coaching staff plus their travel expenses
  • On-Site Lunches + Snacks: We have a phenomenal group of parents that put on a fantastic spread at (most of) our events. DHL provides players on-site lunches and snacks. 
  • Team dinners: Dinner is provided for ALL players (Team Travelers & Solo Travelers - see below for TTs and STs under Travel Policy) during away trips.  We encourage even ST's to attend the TEAM dinner for bonding purposes. 
  • Administration Costs: website fees, marketing, booking fees, etc.
  • Player extras: During down time at SOME events we are able to take the girls out for adventures. Past adventures would include: movies, water parks, Disney theme parks, etc. This would be indicated in the description of the event prior to registration. 

Tournament (base costs) can vary depending on location, number of days, tournament registration costs, etc. They are anywhere from $75-$350. 



Not everyone will choose to travel with the team. Here is a break down of what it means to be a Team Traveler or a Solo Traveler. 



Team Traveler FAQs:

  • What is a team traveler?: Any DHL player that travels with the team to tournaments. 
  • What does "with the team mean"?: A player that travels with the team in the vans and stay in the team hotel.  All food is included.  A team traveler is a person who may (or may not) be traveling without parents.
  • How much does it cost to be a team traveler?: ~$225 (prices may vary), and includes ground transportation, hotel and meals. Only cash needed is extra spending money if you choose. 
  • Do you still have to buy your own flight if you are a Team Traveler?: Yes, this has not changed.  All tournaments where we would fly to, players are still responsible for purchasing their own flight. 
  • How do you sign up to be a Team Traveler?: It will be an add-on in registrations. You can always add-on the option to travel with the team for $200 at a later date given there is enough room for additional players in the vans and hotel at the time you are asking.  

Solo Traveler FAQs:

  • What is a solo traveler?: Any DHL player that chooses to NOT travel with the team and will be traveling with a parent or another adult to a given tournament. 
  • Do you have to find your own transportation to and from hotel and fields?: Yes, as a solo traveler you will not be counted in van space once the team has arrived in their destination city (driving or flying).  
  • Can a solo traveler still eat with the team?: YES, ABSOLUTELY! All food is still included in your tournament dues!  This includes food on the fields/tents and team dinners. 
  • Can a solo traveler still stay in the team hotel?: Yes, we would prefer that players and parents traveling solo would stay in the team hotel. Hotel info will be posted on each Tournament page on our website.  We usually always try to book extra rooms for traveling families. 
  • How do you sign up to be a Solo Traveler?: It will be in the registration. As a Solo traveler you will pay just the base fee for a tournament. You can always add-on the option to travel with the team for $200 at a later date given there is enough room for additional players in the vans and hotel at the time you are asking. 



As our program grows we want to make sure we hare accommodating the masses. Many families like to travel with their girls to events and have requested to NOT have to pay for that part of the event dues. We felt that offering everyone the two OPTIONS for players would better server our growing program. If you have any additional questions about TT's & ST's please feel free to email us at   



Within your Seasonal Dues registration are add-on for additional DHL gear.


If you are a NEW High School player joining DHL you MUST purchase your own customized uniform.Cost ~$100  

If you are a Middle school player (new or returning) you will rent a DHL Game jersey. ~$100 deposit check required. 

Team Travel Bags - if you are choosing to be a TEAM TRAVELER for any season you are required to purchase a team duffel + sling pack.  These are the ONLY bags allowed on team trips for team travelers. Cost ~$35


Optional DHLSWAG (a.k.a. gear) to be purchased! 

Within the season dues registration you will have an option to purchase:

  • Custom (name + #) Harrow Practice Pack which includes: backpack, dry-fit short sleeve shooting shirt and practice shorts. ~$100.  
  • Warm-Ups (jacket + pants): ~$100
  • Extra replacement pinnies, bags, sling packs (prices vary)
  • Long Sleeve DHL Shooting Shirt ~$25



For additional information on ANY of the above please feel free to email: